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About Us

Who and what is ARC?

Founded in September of 2006 Animal Rescue Center of Bay County, Inc. is a nonprofit, all volunteer, foster based organization dedicated to helping our local animals that have been abandoned in the Panama City, Florida area. Many of these animals are abandoned due to no fault of their own and deserve a second chance at life. That is what ARC is trying to give them.

Where does ARC provide services?

ARC is a local animal rescue, focusing our efforts on the local shelters that euthanize animals. All of our animals stay in private foster homes until they are adopted, so we do not have a facility or central location.

What is our goal?

The goal of ARC is “Saving those that others have abandoned”. But more specifically, to fill a service that we believe is needed. There are only a few rescue organizations in this area, with some of them being national rescues. While national rescues are great (both founders of ARC volunteer for one), they do not have the ability to focus intensely on one specific city or county as ARC intends to. This will allow those that contribute or volunteer to have a sense of local pride that they are making their community better.