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Volunteer with Us!

Changing lives has never been so easy!

1. Go through this quick and easy volunteer guide (click here)

  • At the most it will take you 5 minutes, and will eliminate lots of confusion.  
  • Please do not skip this, as there are questions from this on the volunteer application.

2. Click here to fill out a Volunteer Form!

3. Send an email to:

  •  You will IMMEDIATELY get an autoresponse titled, “Confirm your Subscription”
    • For some reason this email will almost ALWAYS go to your “SPAM” folder, please check in there if it is not in your “INBOX”
  • Simply open this email, click “Reply” to this blank email and click “Send” and you will be done.  

4. If you have ANY issues signing up please send us an email to

Benefits of Volunteering for ARC!

  • Flexibility!
    • You decide when you want to help, so it is always convenient for you to volunteer.
    • You can do most tasks right from the comfort of your own home!
  • Respect!
    • ARC management knows we have plenty to learn from you.
    • We know you have strong skills in specific areas, and we want to use them!
    • You are not just a “grunt”, your opinions and ideas WILL be listened to.
  • Fun and Snacks!
    • We want our group, events, etc to be fun and social.
    • We want you to be able to be yourself.
    • Having fun is very important aspect of our work to keep volunteers coming back for more.
    • We are a family of volunteers, having fun, but on a mission.
    • Last but not least, we have been known to provide snacks at meetings, events, etc.. 🙂

There are many ways that you can volunteer. We need people to do everything from as simple as writing a thank you note, to as complex as planning a fundraising event. Whatever your schedule allows, we have something you can help with. And no matter how small you think your contribution is, it is HUGE to us!

Don’t have ANY time to be an official volunteer, but still want to help out? You can!

  • Donate money, business services, items, gift certificates, etc…
  • Help us get the word out by telling everyone you know about ARC.
  • Place our promotional materials in your place of business.
  • Be the proud sponsor of an ARC Donation Jar.
  • Offer your business as an ARC drop off point for donated supplies.

The ways are endless that you can help with little or no time or money invested. Even if you can’t think of a way, but want to help, email us!